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Elevating Patient Engagement: A Standout Presence at the Texas & New Mexico Hospice Organization Conference, Las Colinas

Each year, the Texas & New Mexico Hospice Organization (TNMHO) conference serves as a focal point for professionals passionate about enhancing end-of-life care. This year was a landmark event, drawing thought leaders, industry pioneers, and innovative vendors. Among these, our patient engagement software company emerged as a notable presence, showcasing the potential of tech-driven, patient-centric hospice care.

Innovation Meets Compassion

In the realm of hospice care, the balance between compassionate caregiving and technological efficiency is delicate. Our software bridges this gap, offering a suite of tools tailored to promote communication, optimize care coordination, and bolster patient satisfaction.

By offering intuitive, closed-loop solutions, we’re aiding hospices in taking the digital leap, ensuring they can focus on their core mission—providing unparalleled care—while technology operates discreetly in the background.

Luminaries Light Up TNMHO

The TNMHO conference has a rich history of drawing the industry’s best and brightest. This year’s roster was no exception. From deep dives into hospice research to discussions on the evolving face of patient care, the insights flowed freely.

Barbara Karnes, an award-winning hospice nurse and nationally prominent speaker on the dynamics of dying, wowed the audience with her inspiring and uplifting words around speaking with families about death.

Amidst Titans of the Industry

Our place in the vendor lineup was not just an opportunity but an honor. Alongside us, other exhibitors showcased advancements in pain management, digital health documentation, and telehealth solutions. Together, we painted a comprehensive picture of the strides being made in hospice care.

Noted TNMHO advocate and hospice owner, Chad Higbee, reflecting on the event, remarked, “The journey to enhancing patient care is paved with collaboration and innovation. It’s heartwarming to see companies, like Sulos, playing a pivotal role in this journey.”

Charting the Path Forward

The echoes of the TNMHO conference underscore the collective drive toward a brighter future in hospice care. Patient engagement sits at the heart of this mission, and with groundbreaking solutions on the horizon, we are well on our way.

The TNMHO conference serves as a poignant reminder of the dynamism and commitment within the hospice community. As we reflect on the insights shared and the advancements showcased, the path forward is clear: a blend of technology and touch, where patient engagement software, like ours, serves as a beacon for patient-centered care.

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