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Palliative care is a specialized form of healthcare for people with serious illnesses that aims to provide relief from pain, symptoms, and stress. Sulos assists in delivering palliative care by providing tools to record and track symptoms, coordinate care in a more timely manner, and communicate with patients and their families. Sulos consists of a Patient and Family app, a Care Team app, as well as a Clinical Operations web-based portal.

The features of Sulos will continue to evolve but some main ones include symptom reporting and tracking tools, care coordination tools, patient and family communication tools, patient prioritization, and data analytics capabilities. These features help healthcare professionals deliver more effective, personalized, and coordinated care to patients with serious illnesses.

In less than an hour, our team can setup your Sulos account and get your organization up and running on the platform.

Sulos can be customizable to meet the specific needs of individual patients or healthcare organizations. Customization options include patient-specific thresholds and symptom tracking, reporting and analytics tools, and integration with other health information systems. Customizations will vary based on organization.

Sulos complies with regulatory requirements, such as HIPAA, and has implemented data encryption, secure data storage and transmission, access controls, and patient consensus. Sulos uses security protocols, such as encryption and password protection, to ensure that patient data is 100% protected.

Healthcare professionals may require training on how to use Sulos effectively, including entering patient data, adding/inviting new users, customizing patient thresholds, communication tools, and documentation features. Training can be provided in-person, virtual, or via electronic user guides but the platform was built with intuitiveness and ease-of-use in mind.

Sulos offers integration with other electronic health records or systems to enable seamless communication and information sharing among healthcare professionals but integration is done on a per organization-basis.

Sulos facilitates communication and collaboration among healthcare professionals involved in a patient’s care by providing a central platform for sharing information and coordinating care. All dialogue and interaction with a patient is logged and viewable.

Technical support is available to all users to help troubleshoot any issues or answer any questions they may have.


Patients and families can access Sulos through the “Sulos for Patients” app on Android and Apple mobile devices. The app provides guidance and support for patients and families to use it effectively.

Sulos does not offer the ability to document end-of-life preferences and advance care plans at this time but will look to incorporate these features in the near future.

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